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Game News
Welcome to Kingdom Of Stormwind, we are a heavy roleplaying guild the aim of the guild is to live a normal life in the city. You can be a citizen or a worker, you can even join the military for Stormwind and Goldshire. Military ranks will be the following- Stormwind Guard - Imperial Guard - Goldshire Guard, as a worker you can be anything you like from a blacksmith to a merchant!

Guild ranks

Imperial Guard
Stormwind Guard
Goldshire Guard
Respected citizen

These are the current ranks. In the military you will start as a Stormwind Guard and go up the ranks from private. When you reach the next rank you will be given a choice to join the Goldshire Guard or remain where you are, the reason for this is because Goldshire is at threat of some "attacks" and we need some strong soldiers up there to defend it. 

Now if you would like to become a thief speak to me about it out of character and if there currently isan't one you can become the leader and run a guild known as " The thieves Guild" You will be based in Stormwind stealing anything you please. From workers equiptment, food gold and much more.

As an Imperial Guard you will be protecting the King and Queen. You will be based around the castle and sent out on patrols around the city. You will sometimes go to Goldshire for a normal day to day checkup.

For more infomation about the ranks speak to me on the server. Oh yea I forgot to add we are currently on a private server known as "Project Defiance" all GM/RP server. Hope to see you soon new members. And welcome to the current members of the guild.

Guild News
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